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Armored Cannabis Transportation Vehicle

We have well trained and experienced Armed Guards on staff to securely move your high value assets and cash 

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“Our vision is to develop a professional transport and security service within the cannabis industry, creating a safeguard for our clients, as well as an improved experience”.


“Our mission is to be the premier transportation, security and ancillary services company in the legal cannabis industry. Our goal is to provide quality moving and securing of our client’s assets”.

G5 Express is a transportation company that provides security, armored vehicle services and other ancillary services with a focus on the cannabis industry. G5 Express offers turnkey transportation solutions to address the unique needs of the Missouri Medical Marijuana industry. We are one of the first licensed secure transporters of Missouri with the objective of being a trailblazer in the cannabis industry. Our unmarked vehicles are security enhanced, manned by highly trained two-person delivery teams, and equipped with safes, surveillance cameras and communication technology

Marijuana businesses currently have large amounts of cash that require secured transportation. As a result, they are often marked as a easy target for criminal activity. This is why Marijuana businesses should practice not to leaving your assets vulnerable by attempting to take on this , potentially dangerous, task internally. Instead, your business trust your assets with our trained and skilled professionals with law enforcement and military backgrounds that have equipped them for carrying out the services G5 Express provides. We are committed to raising the bar of trust and professionalism within the Marijuana industry and do so proudly. 

Meet Our Team


Dacia Betts

Co-Founder & CEO
Martez Stephenson

Martez Stephenson

Co-Founder & COO

Cameron Johnson


Toma Peebles

Chief of Security

Why People Choose Us

Everything’s on schedule

Punctuality... That’s why the time of each client’s job is scheduled till the last second.


Skilled... Our staff and officers are able to pull from their previous professional capacities to far exceed the job they're assigned.


Integrity... We operate strictly in accordance with both local and state law no exceptions.

Dacia Betts

Chief Administrator, with expertise in Target Marketing, Program Design, Finance, Program Supervision and Fund Development.

Experience has transcended with higher levels of responsibility & notable results. History of Increasing Organizational Value By Initiating A Focused Approached Designed To Secure Capital Funding, Maintain Favorable Client Relationships and Establish Additional Agency Resources to Promote Long-Term Viability. Change Agent… improves profitability by increasing revenues, controlling expenses and reducing inefficiencies. 

Ms. Betts brings a 25 year history in the fields of Financial Services, Finance, Government Contract Consulting and Project Management, Technology Recruitment, Educational Consulting and Workforce Development. Seeing the demand in the medical marijuana industry, Ms. Betts launched G5 Express/Security that provides secured armored vehicle services for the cannabis industry. G5 offers transportation solutions to address the unique needs of the Missouri Medical Marijuana industry. As one of the first State licensed transporters, Ms. Betts major objective of being a trailblazer in the industry.